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E-mail IDs

List of Official Webmail IDs of UTDs/Branches/Offices
Sr. No. Webmail ID UTDs/Branches/Offices
1 vccdlu@cdlu.ac.in Office of the Vice-Chancellor
2 registrarcdlu@cdlu.ac.in Office of the Registrar
3 coe@cdlu.ac.in Office of the Controller of Examinations
4 ucdl@cdlu.ac.in University Centre for Distance Learning
5 directoriqac@cdlu.ac.in Director IQAC
6 dyw@cdlu.ac.in Director Youth Welfare
7 daa@cdlu.ac.in Dean Academic Affairs
8 dsw@cdlu.ac.in Dean Students’ Welfare
9 doc@cdlu.ac.in Dean of Colleges
10 docm@cdlu.ac.in Dean of Commerce & Management
11 doedu@cdlu.ac.in Dean of Education
12 dohumanities@cdlu.ac.in Dean of Humanities
13 dolaw@cdlu.ac.in Dean of Law
14 dolifesc@cdlu.ac.in Dean of Life Sciences
15 dophysc@cdlu.ac.in Dean of Physical Sciences
16 doss@cdlu.ac.in Dean of Social Sciences
17 chairpersondophysics@cdlu.ac.in Chairperson, Deptt. of Physics
18 chairpersondobadmn@cdlu.ac.in Chairperson, Deptt. of Business Administration
19 chairpersondocommerce@cdlu.ac.in Chairperson, Deptt. of Commerce
20 chairpersondocsa@cdlu.ac.in Chairperson, Deptt. of Computer Science & Applications
21 chairpersondoeco@cdlu.ac.in Chairperson, Deptt. of Economics
22 chairpersondoedu@cdlu.ac.in Chairperson, Deptt. of Education
23 chairpersondojmc@cdlu.ac.in Chairperson, Deptt. of Journalism & Mass Communication
24 chairpersondolaw@cdlu.ac.in Chairperson, Deptt. of Law
25 chairpersondophyedu@cdlu.ac.in Chairperson, Deptt. of Physical Education
26 chairpersondopubadm@cdlu.ac.in Chairperson, Deptt. of Public Administration
27 chairpersondochemistry@cdlu.ac.in Chairperson, Deptt. of Chemistry
28 chairpersondoevs@cdlu.ac.in Chairperson, Deptt. of Energy & Environmental Sciences
29 chairpersondoenglish@cdlu.ac.in Chairperson, Deptt. of English
30 chairpersondobiotech@cdlu.ac.in Chairperson, Deptt. of BioTechnology
31 chairpersondomaths@cdlu.ac.in Chairperson, Deptt. of Mathematics
32 chairpersondofst@cdlu.ac.in Chairperson, Deptt. of Food Science & Technology
33 chairpersondohindi@cdlu.ac.in Chairperson, Deptt. of Hindi
34 chairpersondopunjabi@cdlu.ac.in Chairperson, Deptt. of Punjabi
35 chairpersondosanskrit@cdlu.ac.in Chairperson, Deptt. of Sanskrit
36 chairpersondohistory@cdlu.ac.in Chairperson, Deptt. of History & Archaeology
37 chairpersondogeo@cdlu.ac.in Chairperson, Deptt. of Geography
38 chairpersondomusic@cdlu.ac.in Chairperson, Deptt. of Music
39 chairpersondobotany@cdlu.ac.in Chairperson, Deptt. of Botany
40  chairpersondozoology@cdlu.ac.in Chairperson, Deptt. of Zoology
41 faacdlu@cdlu.ac.in First Appellate Authority
42 proctor@cdlu.ac.in Proctor Office
43 librarian@cdlu.ac.in Vivekananda Library
44 sportscouncilcdlusirsa@cdlu.ac.in Secretary Sports Council
45 wcc@cdlu.ac.in Womens’ Counselling Cell
46 pro@cdlu.ac.in Public Relations Officer
47 spio@cdlu.ac.in State Public Information Officer
48 result1@cdlu.ac.in Result BranchI
49 result2@cdlu.ac.in Result Branch-II
50 secrecy@cdlu.ac.in Secrecy Branch
51 conductbr@cdlu.ac.in Condcut Branch
52 reevalbr@cdlu.ac.in Re-Evaluation Branch
53 constructionbr@cdlu.ac.in Construction Branch
54 esttbrnt@cdlu.ac.in Establishment Branch (NT)
55 esttbrt@cdlu.ac.in Establishment Branch (T)
56 academic@cdlu.ac.in Academic Branch
57 accountsbr@cdlu.ac.in Accounts Branch
58 registrationbr@cdlu.ac.in Registration Branch
59 scholarshipbr@cdlu.ac.in Scholarship Branch
60 nodalofficernotice@cdlu.ac.in Nodal Officer Notices (Legal)
61 legalcell@cdlu.ac.in Legal Cell
62 collegebr@cdlu.ac.in Colleges Branch
63 webcdlu@cdlu.ac.in IT Cell
64 computerlabucc@cdlu.ac.in Computer Lab (UCC)
65 websitecdlu@cdlu.ac.in Computer Lab (UCC) (for website uploading only)
66 edpcell@cdlu.ac.in EDP Cell
67 genbr@cdlu.ac.in General Branch
68 securityoffice@cdlu.ac.in Security Office
69 healthcentre@cdlu.ac.in University Health Centre
70 nss@cdlu.ac.in NSS Office
71 yrc@cdlu.ac.in Youth Red Cross Office
72 ugccell@cdlu.ac.in UGC Cell
73 careercc@cdlu.ac.in Career Counselling Cell
74 hostel@cdlu.ac.in Hostel Office
75 scstcell@cdlu.ac.in SC/ST Cell
76 cvo@cdlu.ac.in Chief Vigilance Officer
77 uni.college@cdlu.ac.in University College, CDLU
78 nirf@cdlu.ac.in Dr. Kapil Chaudhary, N.O.

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