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  • At present, there are five hostels-three for girls and two for boys, namely, Harki Devi Bhawan (Girls’ Hostel-I), Kalpana Chawla Bhawan (Girls’ Hostel-II), Savitri Bai PhulleBhawan (Girls’ Hostel-III), LalaLajpat Rai Bhawan (Boys’ Hostel-I) and Sardar Patel Bhawan (Boys’ Hostel-II). One more Hostel for the Boys is under construction. All the five hostels have been provided with tube/LED lights and ceiling fans in every room. Solar panels are also installed at roof top of all these hostels. Electric geysers have been installed in bathrooms. Water coolers with RO system have also been provided. The hostels subscribe several national & regional dailies and magazines for enabling the students to know what is happening around the world. The facility of 32” Plasma TVs alongwith Dish/DTH facility has been provided in common rooms of all the hostels. Full A.C. reading hall is available for all girls in Girls Hostel-III open 24/7 hours. Medical facilities to all hostel residents are provided through the university Health Centre located in University premises. Besides, one Medical consultant and one ANM have been engaged look after thegirls.The Chief Warden, along with all Wardens, make every possible effort to see that the students get a cleaner surrounding within and outside the hostel premises, get hygienic food and always respond to the complaints of hostel residents in a positive manner.A total number of 38 benches (three-seater) each has been provided in the premises of Girl’s and Boy’s Hostels separately. In the premises of both Girls Hostels, two separate lawns have been developed and Badminton Courts has also been constructed in all the five hostels. In Girls’ Hostels, the facility of Table Tennis & Badminton and in Boys’ Hostels, the facility of Table Tennis, Badminton and Volleyball has also been provided. The Gymnasium facility has been provided in the Hostels.

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